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"Find ALL the buyer intent questions people are asking in ANY market or for any Product or Service and profit from this Market intelligence"

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The Only Guide You'll Ever Need to Grow Your Business.

BY Dean Bman

This free guide is going to blow your socks off!  

* Find out exactly what questions buyers must have answered, BEFORE they're willing to buy... Get HOT market Intel  

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Find all the questions people are asking about your products and services

Then answer these question on your blog or website to get super fast rankings be seen as an expert by giving answers that people need and want! 

Pay 5c for Pay per click

I did this in the Loan market where people are fighting tooth and nail paying $45 a click.. you can bid on terms your competitors don't known even exist!

Bring the "staving crowd" to your Website, Blog or Ecom store

Using methods in the guide and free membership site we show you how answering peoples questions can bring the "staving crowd" to you site, and gain you clients and sales 

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The Ebook is a no fluff guide to geting powerful market intel but you also get 100% free access to my mebership site with new infomation added every couple of days priceless infomation that will blow your socks off


I have been helping business owners add to there online revenue for 10 years i am a software developer, and design tools to help website owners and marketers gain more clients and sales. I am also lucky enough to travel the world and do a job i love (being the super nerd that i am)